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If your iOS devices had a new year’s resolution, it would be to run faster, better, and more securely. Luckily, we’ve got an easy way to make it all happen.


CleanMyMac: Get a head start on spring cleaning. Clear out the junk in your Mac with this  powerful app. It’ll safely clean your entire system, clearing out space-hogging cache and log files, language files, broken preferences, broken login items, unneeded apps, and more. Get it for $35.97!

PhoneClean & AnyTrans App Bundle: This dynamic duo keeps both your phone and computer running smoothly. PhoneClean will free up space, delete sensitive data from your iMessages, and hide your data as you surf the web. Meanwhile, AnyTrans works as a personal assistant for you computer, organizing your photo library, managing all of your personal data, cloning and merging content you need from other devices, and more. Get both for $19.99!

Lifetime Subscription to Sticky Password Premium: Face it, you’ve probably already spent years of your life trying to guess your passwords. Now you don’t have to—just remember one master password for the app, and Sticky Password will create and populate strong, unique passwords for everything else. It’ll even log you into recognized sites and fill out forms for you. Get it for $24.99!

Shape up your iOS devices and make them run faster and smoother ASAP. If only sticking to your own resolutions was this easy.