The animators at Pixar definitely love to throw in allusions to some of their favorite movies in their own films. Vimeo user Jorge Luengo Ruiz has put together a first-rate compilation video that gives you side-by-side comparisons between Pixar movies and the movies that they’re referencing in particular scenes. While I definitely had noticed some of these when watching Pixar movies in the past, Ruiz has a really sharp eye for the way different shots are set up to mimic shots from classic movies. Basically, to make a video like this, you really have to know your movies.

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Here are some interesting tidbits I learned from the video:

  • The original Toy Star is positively loaded with allusions to other movies. In sum, Ruiz spotted allusions to Total RecallStar WarsRaiders of the Lost ArkStar TrekAlienThe Shining, and The Exorcist.
  • Toy Story 2 contains multiple references to the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Vertigo. Other Hitchcock classics to get mimicked in Pixar movies include Rear Window in Toy Story 2 and The Birds in Finding Nemo.
  • I’ve always maintained that Wall-E is not just a great sci-fi-themed kids’ movie but a great science fiction movie, period. This is why I was happy to see the multiple allusions to Blade Runner in the film, as I consider it the best overall sci-fi movie ever made.

My descriptions aren’t doing the video justice, so you should really check it out yourself below.