This heart-stopping video of a truck trying to cross what appears to be a rickety wooden bridge might make you question everything you thought you knew about the laws of physics. More than that, the video makes you question why anyone in their right mind would dare attempt to drive a pickup truck across a bridge that looks like it might collapse from the mere weight of a bird landing atop it.

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The harrowing video below was filmed in Brazil and is aptly titled, “Truck attempting to go across a very thin wooden bridge.”

Now to be fair, it does appear as if there are steel cables underlying the wood. In fact, some commentors have speculated that the bridge was purposefully designed this way, with flexible wood placed atop more sturdy steel. If true, I suppose that would explain why the driver of the pickup truck is constantly giving us the ‘thumbs up’ sign throughout the video. Either way, this doesn’t seem like an activity geared for the faint of heart.

Lastly, one YouTube comment worth highlighting reads, “Clearly my bridge building simulator game has got it all wrong. bravo!”