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You lose your keys. You drop your tablet. You update your phone and your photos and contact evaporate into thin air. It’s okay, we’re all still working on the whole adulting thing—and we could all use a little help. Keep your phone safe from bumps and bruises, find your keys and wallet faster, and safely store phone data with the iRing, iHere, and iSafe, up to 54% off at the BGR Store.

If you’re prone to dropping your gadgets, the iRing is a must. For $15.99, it secures to the back of your phone, tablet, or MP3 player and slips over your finger like a ring, keeping your device on your hand, not just in it. On the road? Hang it from your dashboard for instant hands-free use.

And if the issue is that your keys and wallet disappear into the nearest couch cushion as soon as they’re out of your hand, attach the iHere 3.0 to ’em. It’ll help you track down your essentials within a 75-foot radius with the click of the button on the iHere app. Get it for $22.99!

For two-way file transferring, there’s the iSafe, the first MFi-certified storage drive built for iOS devices. It’ll store up to 32GB of data, letting you swap music and contacts between your phone and computer quickly and easily. Plus, stream your videos and music directly from the iSafe without using data. Get it for $69!