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The Complete 2015 Learn to Code Bundle – 94% off

This eight-course bundle usually goes for a grand, so make sure you get it at a huge discount at the BGR Store. Whether you have a little coding experience or none at all, this bundle will help you master essentials like HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and more. Get the bundle for $59!

PureVPN Lifetime Subscription – 88% off

Get a lifetime of private, secure online access with this deal. You can use PureVPN on up to five devices simultaneously to bypass geo-restrictions and browse without fear of hackers accessing your private data and activity. Get a lifetime subscription to PureVPN for $69!

Project Management Institute PMP & CAPM Training Bundle – 98% off

Watch your project management career take off after taking the two certification courses in this bundle. You’ll learn how to control project costs, mitigate project risk, meet milestones, and more. Get the bundle for $49!

The Complete Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit – 85% off

Run Christmas lights, create a low-cost computer, build a teddy bear, and complete plenty more awesome projects with this Raspberry Pi bundle, packed with the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B microcomputer, the quick starter kit, and five hands-on, project-based bundle. Get it for $115!

Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Bundle – 99% off

Master Excel with the 15 hours of training in this two-course bundle. You’ll start with basics like formulas and editing workbooks before learning how to work Excel magic—you’ll learn how to turn data into sleek graphs, how to calculate investments, how to automate workbooks, and more. Get it for $19!