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Your New Year’s resolutions: to look like Vin Diesel’s fitter twin and to rise every morning peacefully and gradually, instead of by hitting snooze on your iPhone alarm six or seven times like you do now. Don’t worry, we’re on it. We’ve got a refurbished Fitbit Flex on sale for just $69.99 at the BGR Store.

The Fitbit Flex is like having a health coach and personal trainer at your side 24/7, but way more chill. Just choose from black, grey, and blue, wear it like a watch, and let the Fitbit Flex do its thing in the background. It’ll track your steps, active minutes, distance traveled, and calories burned, monitor how well and how long you sleep, wake you up gently with a silent alarm, and even wirelessly sync all your data to your phone and computer so you can stay on track. Wear it for five days before you need to charge it.

New goal: get the Fitbit Flex, stat. Grab it for $69.99 at the BGR Store and make it happen.