Can a Tickle Me Elmo toy survive when it gets blasted by a 2,500HP jet engine? Obviously not but a video of it happening is still fun to watch. The crew over at PowerModz decided to see what would happen if they tied Tickle Me Elmo to a stake and then fired up a jet engine sitting roughly a yard away. The results were predictable but nonetheless entertaining.

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“I have a jet engine and a truck, you have creative ideas for me to blast stuff with my jet engine — Elmo gets it this time, I hate Elmo and he has it coming to him,” PowerModz explains as the reason for developing the video, although honestly no justification is really needed.

Here’s the fully intact Elmo just as the jet engine is firing up…

Screenshot (516)

…things are getting a bit hotter now…

Screenshot (517)

…and hotter still…

Screenshot (518)

…oooo, that doesn’t look good at all…

Screenshot (521)

…and there goes the entire head…

Screenshot (524)

…oh dear:

Screenshot (525)

Well then.

Incidentally, this video was posted about a year ago but it seems to just now be getting the attention from the Internet that it so richly deserves. Check out the whole thing below.