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No matter how gentle you are with your charging cables, the inevitable always happens—just months after buying a new one, it’s frayed and falling apart. Until now. We’ve got two virtually indestructible charging solutions from Titan on sale at the BGR Store.

First up, the Titan MFi-certified Lightning cable. Wrapped twice in industrial-grade, flexible steel and featuring permanently sealed USB and Lightning connectors, this three-foot-long charging cable will look like new use after use. It’s made to last for life, with an included Limited Lifetime Warranty to prove it. Get it for $27.95!

Its fun-sized version is the Titan Loop, just nine inches long but no less sturdy. Loop it in half and attach to a keychain, bag, or wherever is convenient so you’re never without it. And, like the regular Titan, it’s MFi-certified, so you can be sure that your Apple devices are getting the safest, fastest charge possible. Get it for $23.95!

Can’t choose between the two? Don’t. We’ve packaged both into a bundle that’s discounted even more highly. Pick up the duo for just $44.95 when you get them together.