Although there are plenty of concerns regarding the safety risks drivers are taking when they activate Tesla’s new Autopilot feature, there’s no question that it looks like the future of driving.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Autopilot was only approved for the U.S. when the beta launched earlier this month, but on Friday, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company has received approval to begin rolling out the feature internationally.

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In case you aren’t caught up, Tesla’s Model S software version 7.0 enabled a host of new features for the car to perform, including the ability to automatically keep the car in its current lane, change lanes when necessary and even parallel park.

There have been some issues reported by users, but the software is still in beta and Tesla is urging drivers not to depend on Autopilot entirely while driving. That’s the downside of a software beta — the upside is the fact that Autopilot will be receiving updates in the coming weeks and months, including 1.01, which Musk announced on Friday as well.

As if the Autopilot feature weren’t incredible enough to begin with, drivers are now going to see it evolve as Tesla sends out updates. We’ll be anxious to see more videos of the improved software once the update rolls out.

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