Are you a frequent flyer in search for the perfect carry-on luggage that would fix all the things you hate about travelling? The G-RO might be the product you’ve been waiting for, and it’s currently blowing up on Kickstarter.

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In just over a day, the G-RO luggage has topped $360,000 in pledges or almost three times its initial $125,000 goal – the project passed that milestone after just a day, and there are 58 days left in the campaign.

The G-RO isn’t the first carry-on luggage proposing interesting features that would fix various annoyances frequent flyers might have, but it certainly stands out.

If you want proof of this, consider that G-RO’s designers literally reinvented the wheel: The G-RO has huge all-terrain wheels that should make the case even easier to lug around, regardless of terrain, while making it feel lighter than it is.

The G-RO is compliant with TSA, FAA, and international travel regulations, and offers some unique storage solutions including a dedicated compartment for electronic devices, one for liquids and one for essential items.

A smart version of the G-RO ships with an electronic module that packs a 23,000 mAh battery that can charge phones, tablets and laptops, a universal power outlet, a location tracker and a wireless proximity tracker.

The cheapest G-RO costs $279 (having an expected $499 retail price) while the optional electronic module cost an extra $99. The G-RO is supposed to ship next August – check the video below for more details.