Remember when you used to eat Lucky Charms and you thought to yourself, “The only thing I like is the marshmallows — why can’t they just release a box with nothing but those?” Well guess what: Lucky Charms is fulfilling your childhood dream and releasing an all-marshmallow box of its iconic cereal.

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There’s a significant catch here, however: Lucky Charms is only releasing 10 of these magical boxes. To win one, you’ll have to tweet out a picture of yourself holding an imaginary all-marshmallow Lucky Charms box to the official Lucky Charms Twitter account using the  hashtag  .

To inspire you to up your selfie game, Lucky Charms has put out an amazing and horrifying video starring rapper Biz Markie to promote the new contest. Biz’s song is absolutely terrible and yet we somehow can’t it out of our heads. You have been warned.