We’ve all been there before: We’re packing up luggage to go on a trip when we suddenly realize our zipper doesn’t close properly anymore. What to do? Thankfully, we stumbled upon a quick 3-minute YouTube video on Tuesday that gives us a simple explanation for why zippers stop closing and what we can do to fix them ourselves with only a pair of pliers.

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The video was produced by UCAN Zippers USA and it shows a very simple fix for broken zippers. The most common reason zippers stop working, it seems, is that their mouths get loosened after years of being pulled to open and shut bags. Applying some pressure with pliers to each side of a zipper’s mouth can bend it just enough to get it caught back in the zipper’s teeth again. Now when you slide the zipper upward, it should be reengaged with the teeth and work like new.

Check out the whole video below.