On November 7th, something ridiculous is going to happen — Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will host an episode of Saturday Night Live. As NBC News notes, this is almost precisely one year from election day on November 8th, 2016.

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You might not remember it, but this is actually Trump’s second time hosting the legendary late-night sketch comedy show. He first took on hosting duties in 2004, when the first season of The Apprentice had begun airing on NBC.

This time around, there’s much more at stake, as Trump is currently in the middle of a shockingly successful presidential campaign, one which has only received more attention since the chaotic debates kicked off back in August.

Considering the fact that Trump will be attempting to appeal to a mass audience while continuing to look (his version of) presidential, there’s no telling how far the billionaire will allow the writers to go, but I can only assume it will be a significantly tamer appearance than his previous hosting gig.

Here’s a video of his monologue from 2004: