We can’t state conclusively that this is the coolest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s case that has ever existed, but if it’s not it’s pretty darn close. The popSLATE Second Screen Case for iPhone 6/6S is a little thicker than your average iPhone case, but there’s a good reason for all that bulk. The case connects to your phone via Bluetooth and there’s an E Ink screen on the back that displays all kinds of important information from your iPhone.

A few highlights from the Amazon listing:

  • Smart apps + a full-sized e-ink screen transform the back of your phone into a 24/7 showcase for images and information
  • Instantly customize: pop images to the back of your phone from your camera, Instagram, friends & more
  • Get the info you need, all at-a-glance: notifications, schedules, maps, lists, boarding passes, etc.
  • Protect your phone: popSLATE is smart, thin, lightweight and it provides best-in-class protection.

It really is awesome, and it’s on sale for $30 off the normal price of $129.00 from now through 10/18.

popSLATE Second Screen Case for iPhone 6/6S, $99.00 with free Prime shipping