Apple is a very secretive company, which is why we shouldn’t be surprised that it has a large stable of secret iPhone apps that only its employees can use. Business Insider has put together a compilation of secret iPhone apps that are for Apple employees only and some of them seem incredibly cool. We’ll go through three of the best looking ones below.

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Inferno: You’ve probably seen benchmark tests for the iPhone before but we can’t imagine any of them are as good as the ones that Apple employees can use to test out iPhone hardware and software. But why is it called Inferno? We’re not sure but if we had to guess it’s because the program will also automatically shut down your device if it heats up past a certain temperature.

GKTank: This is an internal multiplayer game that Apple designed to help its developer community get a handle on the Game Kit app development tool. The app’s source code has been uploaded to GitHub if you’re curious about the ins and outs of Game Kit, although Apple warns that “this sample application does not cover all the possible things you can or will need to do in your application to handle all possible events that could occur in a networked application environment.”

TouchFighter 2: Like GKTank, this is an experimental game that’s for internal use only. In this case, it seems the purpose of the game is to help Apple employees test out the iPhone’s accelerometer, which is used to track your positioning in the game as you tilt your device.

These are just some of the secret iPhone apps that only Apple employees can use. To see some more, check out Business Insider’s full post here.

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