So you’ve decided to buy the iPhone 6s this year — now you have to decide the best way to pay for it. All four major American wireless carriers have pitched us their offers and of course Apple has a new lease program for iPhone fans who want to pay off the device gradually and be eligible for a yearly upgrade. LifeHacker has created a simple tool to help you determine the best way for you to buy the iPhone 6s tomorrow and it involves answering simple questions about carriers, trade-in preferences and whether you want to pay for your phone all at once or in installments.

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So for example, I told LifeHacker’s tool that my carrier was Verizon, that I wanted to pay off the cost of my device slowly over time and that I was interested in trading in my old phone. Despite having no interest in AppleCare+, LifeHacker still recommended that I go with Apple’s leasing program:

Lifehacker Recommendation:

Lease your phone from Apple.

This year, Apple introduced a new lease program that bypasses carriers entirely. You’ll pay Apple a monthly fee and, when a new iPhone comes out, you can trade in your old one to upgrade immediately. You won’t get to keep your phone, but you can get the new one every year. Best of all, you can change carriers whenever you want!
To see what payment plan LifeHacker recommends for you, check out its full tool yourself by clicking here.
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