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When New York Times best-selling authors use it, you know it’s worth checking out. Whether you’re writing a book, working on your dissertation, or writing a script, Scrivener 2 is going to change the way you write for the better—and we’re making it available for just $19.50, a savings of 56%.

If you’ve been writing in Microsoft Word or—gasp!—an actual notebook, you’re going to kick yourself when you see everything that Scrivener 2 can do. For example…

– Take a “snapshot” of a document before you edit the hell out of it…so you can always go back to the original version

– Storyboard and rearrange pieces of your project

– Outline your project before you start writing

– Automatically format your work as a script if that’s what you’re working on

– Put any research or notes in floating windows side-by-side with your writing so they’re easy to refer to

Best of all, it’s available for both Mac and PC. Don’t miss your chance to get Scrivener 2 for just $19.50 at the BGR Store!