One minor new feature we’ll get with iOS 9.1 is new emoji, which developers already got to try out in the special iOS 9.1 beta released on Wednesday.

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Texting enthusiasts who use these tiny visual cues to communicate with friends and family are likely going to recognize the new additions immediately. As The Next Web points out, there are several new additions that might be harder to spot than others.

Among the many things you can try out in your texting apps are the burrito emoji and the middle finger emoji that are packed in the latest Unicode specification where Apple got its new set of emoji.

“Almost every category has had new emoji added — we saw a racecar, satellite, prayer beads, award medals, new square images showing camping and a ton more,” the site notes.

These emoji will be available across messaging apps, including iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and many others as soon as iOS 9.1 comes out – that’s likely happening later this year, once the iPad Pro will be ready to launch.

Meanwhile, you can check some of the new emoji, as listed by The Next Web, in the following image.

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