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Unlike choosing our favorite child, choosing our favorite app development course wasn’t easy. So we decided to discount all five of our favorites. Check them out and grab them at the BGR Store!

If you want to: Get hands-on instruction from a trusted expert

Grab: The All-Inclusive iOS 9 & Swift 2 Course Bundle

Who better to teach how how to build apps for iOS 9 than Udemy’s #1 instructor? Get 29 hours of instruction from developer and teacher Rob Percival and learn how to make clones of apps like Instagram, Tinder, and more. Get it for $49!

If you want to: Create action-packed games

Grab: The Epic iOS 9 Game Coding Bundle

This bundle is packing with eight cutting-edge programming courses that will teach you how to create rich worlds, how to make your own arcade-style iOS games, how to add great sound to your game, how to draw your own game art, and more. Get it for $49!

If you want to: Create apps for the hottest new accessory

Grab: The Complete watchOS 2 Developer Course

From educational apps to games to geolocation tools, learn how to build cool, useful apps for the wearable on everyone’s wrist. Learn WatchKit and Xcode in this course, and then use it to create 30 different projects. Get it for $29!

If you want to: Be ready for the launch of iOS 9.

Grab: The Exclusive iOS 9 Swift Coding Course

Learn everything you need to know about making apps for Apple’s next big iOS version. You’ll build 11 functioning apps in this course, learning how to set up push notifications, create an iCloud app, and more. Get it for $19!

If you want to: Quickly build a portfolio of iOS 9 apps

Grab: The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course

There’s no better way to snag a developer job than to impress prospective employers with a great portfolio. This course fast-tracks the process, helping you build 100 apps from scratch using Xcode 7 in just 90 hours of training. Get it for $99!