After an enterprising Reddit user became “infuriated” after checking out the food options available at Brooklyn-based hipster bar, he decided to put together a creatively brilliant Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator website that is, quite simply, laugh out loud funny.

If you’ve ever been to a hipster bar only to be dumbfounded by a perplexing list of menu items, this is the website for you.

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The website description reads: “Have you recently purchased a bar in Brooklyn, but are completely bereft of original ideas? Firstly, congratulations on joining the thriving Brooklyn bar scene! Secondly, relax! You can use this handy tool to generate a name and menu for your fine establishment – absolutely no imagination necessary!”

Oh the laughs here are golden and include a never ending list of ridiculous menu items you might find in a ‘we’re pretentious but we’re trying hard not to be’ hipster joint. Some folk watercress for $10? They’ve got it. Bluefish jam and beer braised Farfalle reduction? It’s just $16 my good man. Have some extra cash to spend? Why not indulge in the acorn with artichoke and monkfish for $18? Artisnal marrow? Don’t mind if I do.

Even the bar names that the menu generator comes up with are right on the money. Some of the ones I saw that are worth highlighting include Smiths & Forrest, The Hutchinson, and Arkansas & Arion.

Hipster bars aside, even if you’ve ever wandered into a trendy restaurant only to be greeted with expensive menu listings that kind of, maybe?, sounded like food, you’ll definitely have fun playing around with this menu generator for a few minutes.