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Some are small and mighty. Some are equipped with HD camera. Can’t figure out what drone to buy? We’ve narrowed down the best options to make the choice a little easier. Check out four of our favorite drones and why we love them—and get them at amazing discounts at the BGR Store.

SKEYE Nano Drone – 28% off

Not only does the SKEYE Nano Drone hold the title of the world’s smallest precision-controlled quadcopter, it’s also super powerful, pulling off turns, flips, and figure-eights with ease. And with beginner, advanced, and seasoned flight modes, it’s a great option regardless of your experience with drones. Get it for $34.99.

Limited-Edition ‘Code Black’ HD-Camera Drone – 65% off During Limited Time Summer Blowout Sale!

It’s easy to see why this one is our top-selling drone of all time. It’s palm-sized, powerful, and has a HD camera that captures every amazing stunt that you pull off. For a limited time get it for $69 with free shipping in the US, (Just $79 with international shipping included!)

Snowflake Stealth Micro-Drone – 70% off

This drone doesn’t just look good—the sleek white Snowflake can out-stunt the best of them, performing four-way flips, 360-degree rolls, and more. And the high-speed mode is fun perk for outdoor racing. Get it for $29.99.

UDI HD Discovery Drone & Crash Pack – 60% off

The UDI HD Discovery Drone has everything you want in a drone—beginner and expert flight modes, easy flipping and rolling, and an HD camera to capture it all. Best of all, it comes with a crash pack that includes extra blades and batteries, so you can recover easily from any adventure. Get it for $89.99!