Quentin Tarantino has made a bunch of movies in his life and it turns out they all take place within the same fictional universe. Screen Rant has put together a terrific video that looks at all the subtle ways Tarantino’s movies are connected to one another, starting with the fact that Pulp Fiction character Vincent Vega is actually the brother of Reservoir Dogs character Mr. Blonde, the alias of a man named Vic Vega.

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But that’s not all: Tarantino often has characters in his movies watch other movies Tarantino has made, including Kill Bill and From Dusk Til Dawn; he has characters in multiple films order food from the fictional Big Kahuna Burger franchise; and he has created at least two characters in other movies who have histories with Mr. White in Reservoir Dogs.

These are just a couple of hidden connections in Tarantino’s movies. To see the rest, check out the video below.

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