You’re sitting there at the school library, on a plane or even at home watching something on your phone, laptop or tablet, and someone sitting next to you is watching over your shoulder. It happens more often than some people might think. If you’re using earbuds you could share one, but let’s be honest: that’s disgusting. Instead, whip out your Monoprice 107116 Headphone Splitter and you can both enjoy stereo sound with independent volume controls from the same audio jack.

The Monoprice 107116 Headphone Splitter with Separate Volume Controls is already pretty cheap at just $5.76 shipped, but right now there’s a limited-time 15% coupon that knocks the price down to $4.90. You’ll see an option to clip the virtual coupon right under the price on the item page linked below.

Monoprice 107116 Headphone Splitter with Separate Volume Controls, $4.90 after coupon with free Prime shipping