When former Apple engineer Brad Sewell moved from California to Boston to attend Harvard Business School, he quickly became frustrated with the state of the furniture market.

“I had this taste in quality, Sewell told Entrepreneur, “but a budget that was like ‘graduated IKEA’. There wasn’t much between your disposable furniture and the really high-end stuff.”

So like many ambitious go-getters, Sewell dropped out of Harvard and created a company to address his furniture concerns. The result? An innovative new company called Campaign.

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What makes Campaign’s furniture so intriguing is that its design puts the often convoluted furniture assembly process to shame.

“IKEA leaves much to be desired in terms of an assembly experience,” Sewell says. “If you do the cost analysis, the shipping and your time would make that piece way more than it’s going for.”

The solution?

Furniture that can easily be assembled and disassembled in minutes with absolutely no tools. What’s more, the disassembled parts can easily fit into a box and transported without any of the typical headaches that accompany moving large furniture. Campaign’s website notes that its armchair, for example, can be assembled in three minutes flat with no tools required.

“A chair with the freedom to go where you go. Break it down and build it up as many times as you move,” the website reads.

The photos below demonstrate the disassembly and boxing process.

If you’ve ever struggled valiantly trying to get a gigantic couch into a narrow doorway, you’ll appreciate what Campaign has to offer. And because it can be packed up so compactly, your newly ordered furniture can be shipped via UPS and FedEx.

As it stands now, Campaign offers three pieces of furniture: an armchair, a two-seat loveseat, and a three-seater couch. Down the road, the company has plans to develop other types of furniture, including dining room sets, tables, bedroom sets and more.

Lastly, the video below showcases how quickly the assembly process can be.

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