We’re very close to the launch of the iPhone 6s and now MacRumors has obtained several images and a video that show the partially assembled device along with many of its key innards. This is without a doubt the leak we’ve been waiting for all summer.

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The video of the iPhone 6s lasts under two minutes but it nonetheless shows the entire device booting up to the screen with the Gear icon. After the device starts to boot up, the person in the video then opens it up to show us its various components including its logic board, its LTE baseband modem and its radio frequency transceiver chip.

Unsurprisingly the device looks very similar to last year’s iPhone 6, which is in line with earlier leaks. However, MacRumors does note some differences that you may not notice at first glance.

“While the partially booting phone does not prove Force Touch support is present, there are some definite differences from the iPhone 6 such as the shielding on the rear of the display being glued in place rather than screwed in,” MacRumors writes.

Check out the entire video below and be sure to head over to MacRumors to see more detailed pictures of the iPhone 6s and analysis of its internal components.

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