Not long ago, what seemed to be the first real photo of the new Nexus 5 leaked and it showed a device that resembled the previous schematics that were reportedly sent to manufacturers. Since then, detailed concept renders of the new LG Nexus 5 and Huawei Nexus 6 have been published online, supposedly revealing the final designs of the two new Nexus handsets. However, real pictures of the Huawei phablet only surfaced online early on Monday.

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Published on Google+ by a user Tiesen Fu, the images show a smartphone that has Nexus and Huawei branding on the back and that features the same design elements that were suggested in previous leaks.

A fingerprint sensor is present on the rear case, and the top of the handset has what looks like a rather bulky protruding bump that houses the main camera and the flash. The front of the handset has two speakers, matching previous rumors that said both Nexus handsets will have front-facing dual stereo speakers.

These first real photos showing this Nexus 6 prototype follow below.