You know what we love about YouTube? It’s a place where we can see people do stuff that we’ve always had too much common sense to try ourselves. YouTube user Paul Druck did just such a thing two years ago when he strapped an electrode massager to his face and zapped himself with electricity. Even better, Druck posted this wonderful little stunt online in a video that’s just now gaining traction on Reddit.

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Druck starts off the video by noting that the massager instructions specifically tell him to not use the device on his face, which is why he decided to do it anyway. He turns on the device and his face immediately starts making involuntary twitches and going into comical contortions.

Even though doing this hurts a bit, Druck seems happy that he tried this out. In fact, towards the end of the video he refers to the massager as “the best purchase I’ve ever made.”

Check out the whole video below.