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We were going to share our secrets for becoming an actual ninja, but then we thought, mastering Excel and using it to boost your career would be pretty cool too, right? Right. To that end, we’re offering a three-course Microsoft Excel Immersion package that’ll take you from Excel novice to ninja for just $29 at the BGR Store.

At 94% off, this series of three courses is an amazing deal regardless of your current skill level. You’ll get:

  1. 24 lessons on basic Excel skills so you can build a solid foundation—that means everything from sorting and filtering data to illustrating your data with charts
  2. 25 advanced lessons, taking you through creating and formatting pivot tables, finding values with VLOOKUP, and more
  3. 36 lessons that’ll complete your transformation into an Excel ninja—cool ninja mask not included, but you will master pivot tables and have a great handle on how to analyze, filter, and present data in an easily digestible way

You’ll have a full year of access to the material taught by award-winning Excel instructor and Certified Management Accountant Ken Puls.

Ready to impress the pants off prospective employers? Get the three-course Microsoft Excel Immersion package for $29 at the BGR Store.