It’s 2015, smart home innovation is in full swing, and one of the best parts about this fast-moving market has to be the lower costs to make your home smart. One connected home platform that has grown quite a bit would have to be Wink. It comes out of Quirky, which designs products based on feedback from the public. A key feature of the Wink platform is definitely all the different connections and standards it supports.

A big issue with the smart home market is that there are a ton of industry standards, from Zigbee to Z-wave and all the way back to a simple Bluetooth connection. It leads to a lot of confusion; you might buy a Bluetooth lightbulb and a Z-wave door lock, but you need multiple apps and extra hardware to make them work.

The Wink platform is one app that works with pretty much any existing smart home technology. While some of the newer smart home products don’t need the Wink Hub, this product is a great place to start your smart home adventure.

You can grab a Wink Hub on Amazon for $49.99 and it is a Prime-eligible item.

Wink Connected Home Hub, $49.99 with free Prime shipping

Jacob Krol is a sophomore at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. He has a big love for all things tech, he's a huge Springsteen fan, and he is also a native New Jerseyan.