The BGR Deals Team spends every waking moment tracking down the best prices on all sorts of great products, and today we’ve hit the jackpot. Why? Because there is no better price than free, and today we’ve got two great deals that will let you grab an iPhone 6 case and/or a universal high-speed car charger that will work with iPhones, Android phones or anything else… and you can get them both right now for free!

tekSonic Protective iPhone 6 case

First up is a neat little iPhone 6 case, which is on sale for $5 but is completely free after a $5 coupon code.

tekSonic Protective iPhone 6 case, free with coupon code 6DPTOQ4F

tekSonic Car Charger Adapter

The same deal applies to this high-speed car charger adapter, which includes two USB ports and will work with any iPhone, Android phone or iPad out there.

tekSonic Car Charger Adapter, free with coupon code GE6D5TTH

The bad news is that you’ll still have to pay shipping, but that’s not a tall order when you’re getting these two products for free…