We cover iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases on BGR all the time. In the past we weren’t big on smartphone cases, but the design of Apple’s latest iPhones has made protective cases an absolute necessity. Why? Because the aluminum finish on the iPhone 6 is so slippery that drops are inevitable without some kind of case to provided added grip.

I’ve shown you a wide range of iPhone cases that span all shapes, sizes and price points. I also showed you my favorite iPhone 6 case, which is a sleek metal bumper that is now just $13 on Amazon. While inexpensive iPhone cases are great, there are also some options out there that are surprisingly pricey — can they really be worth the expense?

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People use their smartphones more than any other gadget, so it makes sense that there is such a wide variety of smartphones cases out there. You handle your smartphone case more than any other accessory you own, and it says a lot about you.

Some smartphone owners focus on cost and function when they buy a smartphone case, and this is obviously the sensible approach. There are plenty of stylish options out there that are affordable and effective. But some users are willing to pay a little extra for something that is high-quality and made out of premium materials; like anything else, design and quality are worth the cost if you value them.

We’ve covered some great premium case options in the past, such as the handmade wooden iPhone cases built by Grovemade. Along those same lines is a company called Vesel, and it makes some beautiful premium iPhone cases that discerning iPhone users should definitely check out.

Vesel recently sent me a Wood Series case for the iPhone 6 to test, and I’m quite impressed with the design as well as the quality. The model I received it made entirely out of aluminum with a “titanium gray” finish, and natural walnut wood with a gorgeous grain.

The design and fit are impeccable. Vesel uses a four-piece construction that is held together by small hex screws. The top or bottom of the case must be removed and then refitted to ensure a snug hold, and Vesel includes a great little screw driver (pictured above) and two extra screws with each case.

Beyond the gray/walnut combination, the case is also available in three other models: Silver/oak, silver/walnut and gray/oak. Each of the four options cost just under $150, which seems like a tall order. It’s like anything else though — many people will happily pay a little more money for a premium product that sets them apart from the crowd.

Vesel also offers a metal-only case option for about the same price, but the design is a bit too rigid for me personally. The metal and wood case is a great sophisticated bumper though, and it’s well worth the price if you’re looking for something premium and sleek.

Vesel Wood Series cases on Amazon