Has your boss ever called you in for a meeting late on a Friday afternoon that you really needed a drink to get you through? If so then you’ll want to check out a new Kickstarter project called StashTab that promises to give you a tech-savvy way to sneak hooch around the office.

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You can’t power on the flask and use it as an actual tablet, of course, so you’d better hope your boss doesn’t ask you to hook it up to a monitor and use it to deliver a presentation. Nonetheless, this looks like a cool little accessory to have for those moments when you want to have a sip of vodka without the world thinking you’re a total lush (…even if you are one…).

In addition to serving as a stealth flask, StashPad also features compartments that hold three disposable paper funnel cups and four cigarillos. In all the contraption holds 12 ounces, or four ounces short of a full pint.

The StashTab has already raised over $4,000 as of this writing — it has 29 more days to go to reach its goal of $10,000. StashTab creator Ethan Hou estimates that the project will begin shipping by December 15th, 2015. You need to pledge at least $25 to the Kickstarter to get your own StashTab flask.

Read more about this project by clicking here.

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