One of the more widely voiced complaints regarding online dating is that you never know who you’re truly talking to on the other end. The man who claims he’s fit and 6’1 tall may, in reality, be a portly 5’7 of a fellow. Or, even worse, perhaps the man you’re talking to co-opted the identity of Forrest Gump on his Tinder profile for a few laughs.

Sound crazy? Sure, but that’s exactly what one knucklehead decided to do recently.

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In a thread making the rounds on Imgur, a man ostensibly named Blake adopted Forrest Gump’s life story and presented it as his own. From his interest in ping pong and shrimp fishing to a detailed backstory involving him being a widower, this ‘Blake’ character pulled out all the stops. Even more hilarious, and equally cruel, is that the nice woman he was chatting with fell for the ruse hook line and sinker.

Check out the thread below.




Stay alert out there, kids. Stay alert.