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As one of the chief laws of the universe, your Wi-Fi connection will inevitably act up during the following: the last few seconds of the game you’re watching on your computer, the series finale of your favorite show on Netflix, and about an hour before you need to submit something to your boss. Until now, that is. We’re making it easy to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection with NetSpot Pro, now $19.99 at the BGR Store.

NetSpot Pro lets you troubleshoot your wireless networks with any MacBook, helping you reach maximum Wi-Fi efficiency. It’ll allow you to see dead zones, run Internet download and upload speed tests, and assure that hotspots are placed correctly. Best of all, it’ll cut down how much time you have to spend on the phone with a Time Warner rep as they ask “have you tried turning it off and then on again?”

Get NetSpot Pro now at the BGR Store for $19.99.

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