If you’re a gadget fan, you have a problem: Namely, you have countless cables lying around your house that you have no idea how to organize. Help is on the way, however: A new Kickstarter project called The Cable Hive is looking to raise $33,000 to give you a simple solution for storing and organizing all the spare cables that are clogging up your desks and tables.

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The Cable Hive is essentially a crate that measures in at 330 x 330 x 220 millimeters and that features several individual cubbyholes that will store your various chargers, USB cables and audio connectors in one convenient place. Project head Benjamin Newman explains that “the Cable Hive will have a sturdy construction with handles so that it can be carried about” and says that “it is also designed to fit neatly into your common Swedish style furniture for a neat display and quick access.”

When buying the Cable Hive, you have two different options: You can either have a model with 39 smaller cubbyholes or a model with 20 larger cubbyholes, depending on your storage needs.

The project has so far raised more than $5,000 with 16 days left to go. Newman estimates that the Cable Hive will start shipping in December 2015. So far, the accessory is only available for interested buyers in the United States, Canada, Australia and the European Union.

Learn more about the Cable Hive by clicking here.

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