Apple is sitting on a massive mound of money, and the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger every quarter as the company continues to sell incredible amounts of iPhones, millions of iPads and Macs, and plenty of other hardware and digital content. But how many Starbucks Frappuccinos could Apple buy with all its billions?

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That’s the sort of question that analysts won’t usually answer. Instead, they may tell you Apple’s $203 billion in cash might be more than enough to buy several top companies, including Uber, Tesla, Netflix and Airbnb.

But BuzzFeed put together different kind of stats, putting Apple’s fortune into perspective that “we can all understand.”

Apple’s cash hoard would let it order 29 billion venti S’mores Frappuccinos, which total 16 trillion calories. The same money can be used to burn 2.7 trillion calories by attending six billion drop-in soulcycle classes.

Apple could eat either 12 million tons of Kale or 20 billion Chipotle burritos “and still have cash for guac” with its money.

More interestingly, Apple could attend 274 million weddings and give all those happy couples shiny new toasters. The iPhone maker could watch 10 billion non-matinee movies and get a large popcorn order every time. If that’s not fun enough, Apple could choose to stay at home and subscribe to Netflix for the next 2 billion years.

The company could buy a SodaStream from Bed Bath and Beyond and make 527 billion liters of sparkling water without using the coupon. BuzzFeed also says that Apple could build every dream home on every Pinterest board and then cover the Earth in succulents.

Finally, Apple could buy every Kirkland product at Costco and never have to leave the house for all of eternity.

More details about BuzzFeed’s ingenious explanation of Apple’s wealth are available at the source link below.