The minute the OnePlus 2 was announced, we knew it wouldn’t take long for gadget reviewer extraordinaire Marques Brownlee to post a video giving us his first impressions. And sure enough, Brownlee posted a new video late Tuesday evening in which he gives us five key insights about the OnePlus 2 after he spent two weeks using the device.

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So what has Brownlee found overall with OnePlus’s latest flagship phone so far? Let’s go over the basic points.

  • He likes the placement of the device’s fingerprint center on the home button on the bottom front of the device instead of on the back like with other devices. He also demonstrations how the home button can be used to execute different commands based on whether you long press or double tap it.
  • Battery life is “pretty good,” although he admits he doesn’t exactly have the most stringent standards. He likes that the 1080p display doesn’t put as much drain on the battery as a screen with a stronger resolution.
  • When it comes to the USB Type-C port, he found it disappointing that it took so long to charge the device with the new technology.
  • Great news: The Snapdragon 810 processor will not melt off your face, although it does get hot when you’re doing activities such as gaming
  • And finally, he thinks that the Oxygen OS software experience is very smooth, which is the most important thing from the end user’s perspective.

We’ve only scraped the surface of MKBHD’s first impressions, of course — check out his full video below.

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