The death of Jon Snow in the season 5 finale to Game of Thrones didn’t sit well with fans of the beloved character. Of course, it didn’t take long for brewing speculation to suggest that Jon Snow may, in fact, still be alive.

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Why we’ll have to wait until season 6 to get a definitive answer on that, we did recently highlight a number of plausible theories which point to Jon Snow perhaps having escaped the fate that so typically befalls the show’s major characters.

In the meantime, an enterprising YouTuber recently put up an incredible video which mashes up scenes from Game of Thrones with clips from The Hunger Games. Appropriately, the video is called The Hunger Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Must Die.

While similar mashups have been done before — The Hunger Games does feature a character named President Snow, after all — this video is by far the best we’ve seen to date.