It’s somewhat incredible that Apple is still churning out new iPod models in 2015. The iPod, after all, is nearly 14 years old.

Originally released back in October of 2001, the iPod famously helped Apple reclaim its position as a tech industry leader while also padding the company’s pockets with more cash than they had ever seen before.

While those of us who witnessed the digital music revolution first-hand have a special affinity for Apple’s iconic music player, kids these days understandably look at the device with bewilderment.

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The video below showcases, quite hilariously, how grade school kids react when the original iPod is put in front of them. Alas, they don’t know how good they have it!

Some of the quotes here are priceless.

“It’s big, and I know that old technology is big.”

“It’s like a cinder block.”

“This iPod is soo last week.”

It’s also interesting to see that a generation raised on multi-touch iPhones have no idea how to work a device as seemingly complicated as an iPod with a clickwheel. It really proves to show just how innovative the first UI on the iPhone truly was.