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Sure, you can ask your friend’s coworker’s college-aged nephew to design a website for you. Or you can take your website, app, or game idea and make it a reality yourself with help from the Learn to Design 2015 course bundle, now just $59 at the BGR Store.

Valued at $960 for the whole bundle, this package is a steal even if you’re only interested in diving into a couple of the courses. Grab it now and learn how to:

– Optimize user experience by building wireframes, creating technical specifications, and perfecting your navigation design

– Lay out a webpage with CSS

– Master Sketch 3, a program favored by graphic designers

– Build layouts and draw objects with Adobe InDesign

– Design iOS assets from scratch

– Use HTML and CSS to create a landing page, a blog template, a magazine layout page, and a portfolio page

– Incorporate Javascript plugins and add interactive elements to your site

– Build video game mockups

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