The following is a very crazy iPhone bug that you should be aware of, as it might come in handy in some situations – though hopefully you’re never going to have to use it. Apparently, asking Siri to charge your phone to 100% will trigger an emergency call to the police. That means you could use the command to ask for help without letting your assailant know that you’re about to call the cops on him or her.

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Even so, telling your smartphone to charge itself up to 100% might not make sense in a dangerous situation. But it’s one way to alert the police quietly and tell someone that you require assistance without your attacker noticing.

In case you were wondering, no, Siri isn’t necessarily broken. That’s to say that no matter how much of a charge you’d want on the iPhone or iPad, Siri obviously can’t help you. The iPhone charges itself automatically, as soon as you plug it in, and Siri has no control over it.

But the fact that Siri will call the police when you ask her to charge the phone to 100% remains a mystery, The Verge reports. It’s not a feature, as Apple would have presented it as one. So it appears to be a bug yet to be discovered or fixed by Apple. Whatever the case, make sure you don’t ask Siri to charge your phone unless you need help.

The bug is present in iOS 9 beta 3, too — just see the screenshots below.

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