Campers who love spending time in nature, or researchers who spend months in the wilderness, are probably looking at all sorts of smart ways to improve their living conditions while on the road. Created by Slovakian design firm Nice Architects, the Ecocapsule might be the perfect portable housing solution.

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Ecocapsule is a “low-energy house packed into a compact form,” the company says. It includes a bed, a working station, a shower with hot running water and a small kitchen. The tiny home is big enough to house two adults.

The Ecocapsule is an eco-friendly house that’s able to collect rainwater and dew, and it can also harness energy from the sun and wind.

The built-in solar cells and wind turbine, coupled with a high-capacity battery, should offer enough energy while on the road. The spherical shape of the house is optimized for the collection of water, which is then filtered to make it usable.

Additionally, there’s plenty of storage space for all sorts of items you might need while camping or traveling.

The Ecocapsule’s price isn’t available yet, but it should be unveiled in the fourth quarter of the year when Nice Architects will start taking orders for the 1,500kg portable home. A camper chassis for the capsule will be ready by late 2016.

Check out more images showing the interior and exterior of the Ecocapsule home. Additional details about the product are available at the link down in our source section.

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