Riding a BMX bike might be an easy task for anyone who knows how to handle one, but you’re about to see a video that shows you what professionals can really do with the tiny bike. It turns out that many professional BMX riders have tried and failed to become the first to land a quadruple backflip, which is a complicated stunt that requires plenty of skill and patience. However, that changed a few days ago when one BMX rider managed to pull off the incredible move.

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The video, uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, has already gone viral, having surpassed 1.7 million views.

Uploaded by Nitro Circus, the video shows various scary quadruple backflip attempts, and then the successful one. Jed Mildon is the BMX biker who finally managed to land the first ever quad backflip on a BMX bike, defying death in the processes.

If the video below isn’t hardcore enough for you, then you have to watch a different biker pulling off some fantastic, and equally dangerous move by following this link.