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Blame Murphy’s Law: the worst possible time for a computer crash is precisely when it’ll happen. And the files that are most important to you are precisely the ones that’ll disappear into the great big couch cushion of computers, never to be seen again. Unless, of course, you’ve got reliable backup. Get a 1TB wireless hard drive and a year of 1TB cloud backup from IDrive for $84.99 at the BGR Store.

This deal gives you double the backup. First, you’ll get a 1TB wireless hard drive that lets you back up and restore tons of files and folders in minutes. You can even back up your PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices all to the one hard drive. Then, get extra storage with a year of access to IDrive’s cloud backup. Use it to back up photos, videos, documents, and even your Facebook and Instagram—and access them easily whenever you want, wherever you an have Internet connection.

Get both a year of cloud backup and a 1TB wireless hard drive from IDrive for $84.99.