Pythons are ready to consume anything they can catch, regardless whether it’s a 30 pound porcupine that might kill the snake by piercing its guts, or a dangerous alligator that you’d imagine can put up a fight. That’s right, pythons can apparently swallow an entire alligator and then digest it in about a week.

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A few months ago, IFL Science posted a series of amazing images that show how a python digests an alligator. As you’ll see in the seven images below (one for each digestion day) the python’s digestive system apparently has no issues breaking down an entire alligator.

If you’re wondering how the python ate the alligator in the first place, then you should also check out the video at the end showing you how that can happen. According to YouTube channel Barcroft TV, that gator put up a 5-hour fight before finally going down.

python-eating-alligator-day-1Image Source: IFL Science

python-eating-alligator-day-2Image Source: IFL Science

python-eating-alligator-day-3Image Source: IFL Science

python-eating-alligator-day-4Image Source: IFL Science

python-eating-alligator-day-5Image Source: IFL Science

python-eating-alligator-day-6Image Source: IFL Science

python-eating-alligator-day-7Image Source: IFL Science