Pizza makers at the Milan World Fair in Italy recently set a new Guiness World Record by baking a pizza that’s nearly one mile long. Specifically, the award-winning pizza measured in at 1.59545 kilometers, which comes out to about .99 of a mile.

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Earlier in the week, 60 of Italy’s most renowned pizza makers contributed to the effort, working through the night, tossing endless amounts of dough, and applying an insane amount of sauce and cheese in the process. When it was time for the Guiness World Records judge to survey the monstrous and tasty creation, the pizza makers had worked their way through 1.5 tons of mozzarella cheese, 330 pounds of olive oil, and a whopping 2 tons of tomato sauce. Factoring in the dough and all the other ingredients, the mile-long pizza weighed in at over 5 tons.

All in all, it took the pizza chefs 18 hours and five ovens to cook everything.

As for the impetus behind the unusual world record? It was carried out to celebrate the 126th anniversary of the margherita pizza.

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