Are you looking for a high-paying job without the hassles of actually getting a degree for it? If you look hard enough and have some skills, you might score such a gig, as you’ll see in the examples below.

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Some of the following jobs will have you working either physically or behind a desk and they’ll pay anywhere from around $50,000 to almost $95,000. The list, featured on Business Insider, is based on research coming from job search engine Adzuna, which pulled data from hundreds of thousands of job listings from 2014.

According to it, these are the ten highest paying jobs you could get right now without needing a degree.

  • Journalist – $49,117
  • Military Security – $55,687
  • Hazardous waste manager – $58,127
  • HR Manager – $61,285
  • Air traffic controller – $64,983
  • Nuclear energy worker – $70,502
  • Offshore oil platform worker – $78,083
  • Commodities trader – $83,985
  • Mining construction – $89,146
  • Equities trader – $94,241

For more details about each one of these jobs, including current vacancies, check out the full Business Insider post at the source link.