Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, you probably spend more time with your phone than you do with friends, family or coworkers on a daily basis. It’s an inseparable part of modern adult life, but it can be hard to step back and get perspective on something that never leaves our side.

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In a short film created with the Cameo app, filmmaker Paul Trillo explores the lifecycle of an iPhone, from its inception in a Chinese factory to the fateful moment of its untimely demise.

As smartphone owners yourselves, you’re all likely to see flashes of your own life throughout the video, from rudely checking texts and emails at dinner to asking a bartender to charge your phone (even though that’s definitely not the bar’s policy). It’s even got a clever twist ending that brings the story full circle.

Watch the short film below, and download Vimeo’s new Cameo app for free on the App Store.