Dang kids… I’ll preface this post by admitting that I could not solve this surprisingly simple puzzle. I only spent a minute or two trying to figure it out, but to be honest, I’m not sure spending more time on it would have made a difference. If anything it probably would have sent me further and further in the wrong direction.

The puzzle below was created by David J. Bodycombe, a London-based puzzle maker whose sole purpose in life is seemingly to make me feel stupid. Why? Because first grade students in Hong Kong were able to solve this simple puzzle that had me stumped in just a few seconds.

Can you figure out the answer?

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Here’s the puzzle:

Take your time…

There’s no rush…

Did you get it?


Here’s a hint: Put down the pencil and put away your calculator.

How about now?

Still nothing?

One more hint: Think about the direction the car was travelling when it parked.

Did you get it?

If not, there’s one sure way to figure it out:

Dang kids…

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