We’re in the home stretch of E3 2015 press conferences now. After watching Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft unveil enough games to tide us over until 2017, it’s time for Sony to push us over the edge. This will be the last conference of the night, so you know the PlayStation team has to have some incredible reveals in store to keep us awake after a long day of gaming nirvana.

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Uncharted 4, Until Dawn and No Man’s Sky are just a few of the marquee titles that we expect to see on the stage tonight. Microsoft genuinely surprised me with the quality of indie games coming exclusively to Xbox One, especially with early access games making the jump from PC. How will Sony respond?

More important, now that the Xbox One supports VR experiences and backwards compatibility, will Sony have an answer? Is Morpheus as great as Sony wants us to think it is? So many questions!

The stream for the PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference begins at 6:00 p.m. PDT / 9:00 p.m. EDT. You can watch it via YouTube below and follow along with our live blog at the bottom of the page.

Jacob Siegal

Sorry about the lack of live blog, everyone! Sony had the worst internet of all. But also a pretty stellar press conference. More tomorrow.